• at our premises
  • at your company's premises or at home

Would you rather manage your course more flexibly and decide on the starting date, duration, learning pace and level of difficulty of the lessons yourself?

In this case Gysin & Partner Education offers you the most individual and effective possibility to learn English:

Private Tutoring lessons.

You define your objectives and we will show you how you can reach them. We create an effective and individual learning schedule for you. This means that you decide on the dates and duration after previously agreeing the timing with us. You can attend the Private Tutoring either alone or in a group which you yourself have assembled.

You will systematically learn English with an educationally experienced teacher of English mother tongue at your specified level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).


  • at our premises
  • at your company's premesis or at home

Do you know another person at your level and with whom you would like to take classes?

Similar to Private Tutoring we tailor our lessons according to your needs.


Please contact us to arrange a non-committal trial lesson.

We look forward to welcoming you.