Timothy Gysin

+41 78 874 88 61


Timothy Gysin was born in Zurich in 1980 and brought up bilingually by his English father, a former British Vice-Consul, and Austrian mother.


While teaching at the Zurich branch of the world’s largest language school, he passed his CELTA and DELTA I exam.


In April 2013 he became self-employed and founded the Gysin Language School in Zurich. In view of the many received enquiries he and his partner Ester Ami decided to expand the school. In June 2014 they founded a new school together called Gysin & Partner Education.


Timothy Gysin teaches English and German and tutorial preparatory courses for Gymnasium (High School) and revision for pupils up the Gymnasium 2 level.


His students particularly appreciate and highlight his easy-going, honest manner, wide knowledge, spontaneity and his ability to improvise.


Away from teaching in his spare time he can be found playing football, skate- and snowboarding and travelling.